Whangaparaoa College vs Pinehurst School 2

Whangaparaoa College had its first boys lacrosse game last week againts Pinehurst School 2 school.  A great day to see the old, used equipment on boys who are passionate about playing lacrosse.  Pinehurst 1 is the senior team and Pinehurst School 2 is the junior varsity team as the Americans call it.  Whangaparaoa College has a girls program, but Guy Oclee-Brown, who is a teacher and past lacrosse player was keen to get the sport going.  The United Lacrosse donation got the team started.   They all had a great game.

Whangaparaoa College get out for the first boys game.  This is great for the sport.  Love to see all these new players on the field.

Pinehurst School 2 lines up befor the game.  The referee lays out the rules, they shake and play the first game.